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Sportcoat Geotec

geotexThe existing surface to be thoroughly cleaned by pressure cleaning. Cracks larger than 5mm shall be filled with a suitable approved filler material. Corrector asphalt shall be laid as necessary prior to the installation of the geotextile fabric. Install the geotextile fabric under an asphalt overlay, with the use of a suitable binder. The binder may be solvent or water based. If water based, then cationic binders are preferred. The geotextile fabric, Bidim PF1 or equivalent, should preferably be laid by machine, immediately following the binder coating if solvent born binder is used, or after initial break if the binder is water based. Wrinkles in the fabric must be avoided and any that develop must be corrected. Longitudinal joints should be overlapped with consideration for the travel of the paver and sufficient additional binder applied as necessary to bond the overlapped fabric. The 25mm thick asphalt overlay may proceed directly following installation of the geotextile fabric.

geotex2The asphalt overlay shall be allowed to cure for 14 days before the paint surface or line marking is applied. Line marking to be for tennis only, using a approved acrylic line marking paint. Playing Surface (Synthetic Acrylic) This work shall comprise the application of synthetic acrylic slurry fillers, playing surface and line marking in strict accordance with the manufacturers specification. The colour of the surface shall match that of the existing courts. The line marking shall be white synthetic acrylic of the same quality and durability as the playing surface. The cured asphalt surface shall be clean an free of any dirt or loose material. A bitumen slurry shall be applied to fill voids and correct minor surface imperfections. The surface shall be checked for surface irregularities and minor depressions by flooding the surface and marking out areas holding water. These areas shall then be patched with a synthetic acrylic slurry filler coat to fill voids and surface imperfections to produce a true line that will ensure a uniform depth of synthetic surfacing material and proper surface water drainage. The court shall then be scraped down blown clean using a power blower. A final synthetic acrylic slurry base coat shall then be applied to the entire court area to produce a uniformly textured surface.

geotex3A minimum of two coats of synthetic acrylic filler shall be applied to ensure the original asphalt surface texture is completely removed. A minimum of one coat of synthetic acrylic surfacing shall then be applied. The finished surface coat shall be uniform in colour and texture and free from ridges, tool marks and surface imperfections. The court shall be marked out to a standard court layout in accordance with figure 1 – Standard Tennis Court Layout. The line markings shall be a synthetic acrylic material and laid on the courts using a spray and masking tape or a hand or roller technique. Edges shall be clean and sharp without overspray or spotting on the court surface.