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Sportcoat Top Coat


This document sets out the description of and information regarding, Sportcoat Acrylic Top Coat, which is a pigmented liquid coating designed to be applied over Sportcoat base coats as the wearing surface of the Sportcoat surface System.

Material Description
Sportcoat Top Coat is a coating, designed with high pigment loading, and with selected, fine washed and classified silica sand, and other, finer processed inert mineral fillers and fibres, with UV protective and enhanced levelling, wearing and skid resistant properties. It is available in a standard ten colour range, with custom colours available on request.

Tennis Courts, and other playing courts and recreational areas, as a wearing coat over Sportcoat base coats. The material has a high volume solids content, but is not designed to contribute to the filling out of substrate surface texture. It is ideal in texture for skid resistance, and for the reduction in the wear of balls.

Asphalt surfaces should cure a minimum of 14 days under normal summer conditions, longer during cooler weather. Concrete should cure a minimum of 28 days. All surfaces must be clean and free of grease, dirt, oil or other foreign matter. If any suspicion exists that a surface is greasy, it should be removed and recoated to a uniform finish prior to the application of top coat material. Sportcoat base coats must have been allowed to dry through prior to over coating with Sportcoat base. The surface of the base coat must be entirely blemish free prior to commencement of top coat application. If this condition does not prevail, then for a quality job to result, corrective action must be taken, including the installation of an additional base coat. Dilute material with water, 4-5 parts Sportcoat : 1 part water and stir mixture thoroughly. If mixed material is allowed to stand for prolonged periods, settlement may occur and re-stirring is necessary. Pour mixed material in a winrow across the surface on one end of the area to be coated and spread with a rubber bladed squeegee, working back and forth across the court, moving approx 300mm forward on each pass. Successive coats should be applied at right angles to each other, finishing with the top coat at right angles to the direction of play. Fresh material should be continually added to the winrow until the far end of the area is reached. To achieve good levelling, the removal of ridges and even coating a second operator’s squeegee should follow immediately behind the first. If required, the final coat may be squeegee applied, and finished with a soft broom. An ideal broom for this purpose is the “Sabco Foreman” medium polypropylene bristle head. This work should not be undertaken by inexperienced personnel Finished Sportcoat surface systems should not be used for one week from completion.

Remove all spilled material immediately. Clean all equipment with water immediately after use. Do not apply when temperature is below 10 deg C or with rain, or high humidity is imminent. Do not apply if surface temperature is above 40 deg C. Keep containers tightly closed when not in use. Keep from freezing. Do not store in direct sunlight. Do not take internally. Keep out of reach of children.

The material is packed in 10L, 20L and 200L Drums