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Sportcoat Patch Modifier


This document sets out the description of and information regarding Patching Modifier, which is a liquid bonding medium additive for modifying cement mortar patching compounds, and for use in filler modification for high build membrane application.

Material Description
Sportcoat Patching Modifier is a high strength, asphaltic/SBR bonding liquid specifically designed for mixing with Portland Cement and Silica Sand to patch asphalt and concrete surfaces. Sportcoat Patching Modifier enables patches to set rapidly up to 20mm in thickness. It is also used as a binder modifier for enhancing the durability of Sportcoat filler coats for certain purposes.

Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Volleyball Courts, Playgrounds, Walkways, and any area or surface where patching is required to improve surface levels, fill depressions etc.

Asphalt surfaces should cure a minimum of 14 days under normal summer conditions, longer during cooler weather. Concrete should cure a minimum of 28 days. All surfaces must be clean and free of grease, dirt, oil or other foreign matter. Concrete surfaces must be acid etched with 15% – 20% solution of phosphoric or hydrochloric (Spirit of Salt) acid mopped or otherwise spread over the surface and allowed to etch the surface for 10 – 15 minutes. The residue should then be thoroughly washed off with water and the surface allowed to dry before coating commences. All areas to be patched must be primed with a mixture of equal parts binder and water, scrubbed into the areas that are to be patched. Depressions 6mm or less – apply either with a squeegee or trowel to a clean and primed area, and feather out to edge. Depressions 6 – 20mm – apply with a straight edge, metal or wood, to a clean and primed area, and feather out to edge. In excess of 20mm depth, multiple applications must be used, allowing 24 hours curing time between applications. Be sure to prime between applications. The following mixture is ideal for patches up to 5mm, however, for patches greater than 5mm thickness a coarser grade of sand is advisable. Mix Dry SilicaSand: 40Kg
Sportcoat Binder: 10L.
Portland: Cement 10L
Mix silica sand and cement thoroughly in a clean mortar mixer or container. Be sure cement is well dispersed, with no remaining lumps, Then add Sportcoat Binder with stirring. Mix until uniform, ensuring no dry mix remains. If too dry , adjust with a small amount of Sportcoat Binder to a workable consistency. Important – Do not add water. 1 Mix as above 4m2. at 5 mm depth 1 Mix as above 2m2. at 12mm depth Drying depends upon thickness applied and weather conditions. Thin applications by squeegee or trowel will dry in approximately one hour. Thick applications, up to 20mm, will require a minimum of eight hours.
Site mixed filler coats for large areas Silica Sand:180Kg
Sportcoat Binder:45L
Portland Cement:40Kg
Water: 46L
Mix cement into slurry in part of the water, and progressively add, whilst stirring, sand, water and binder to maintain a smooth creamy slurry consistency, whilst ensuring that no lumps or dry material remain. Squeegee apply to the surface to be treated. All Sportcoat Binder mixes should be allowed to cure 24 hours before applying Sportcoat Recreational Coating Systems. Occasionally, after the Sportcoat Systems have been applied over binder materials, a white or efflorescence condition may develop. It this occurs, simply wash areas with a mild (5%) muriatic acid solution, then rinse with water. This condition is a by-product of cement and/or portland cement, and will disappear, by weathering if left untreated.

Remove all spilled material immediately. Clean all equipment with water immediately after use. Do not apply when temperature is below 10 deg C or with rain, or high humidity is imminent. Do not apply if surface temperature is above 40 deg C. Keep containers tightly closed when not in use. Do not add water. Keep from freezing. Do not store in direct sunlight. Do not take internally. Keep out of reach of children.

The material is packed in 4L,10L,20L and 200L Drums.