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Sportcoat Filler Coat


This document sets out the description of and information regarding, Sportcoat Acrylic Filler coat, which is a highly filled liquid coating designed to fill uneven and porous substrata.

Material Description
Sportcoat Acrylic Filler coat is an acrylic bound material, filled with selected washed and classified silica sand, and other inert mineral fillers, designed to dry to a dense, bound coating, of suitable structural and mechanical integrity to form a base for subsequent Sportcoat overlays.

Tennis Courts, and other playing courts and recreational areas, where filling is needed to present a uniform surface for applying a Sportcoat surface system base and top coats. Also as a multi-coat level corrector to final patch out depressions, “bird baths”, poor joints in asphalt etc. to improve surface line and levels.

Asphalt surfaces should cure a minimum of 14 days under normal summer conditions, longer during cooler weather. Concrete should cure a minimum of 28 days. All surfaces must be clean and free of grease, dirt, oil or other foreign matter. Do not apply filler coat directly to concrete. Primer seal must be the first coat. All areas to be patched must be primed with a mixture of equal parts Patch Modifier, or Primer seal and water, scrubbed into the areas that are to be patched. Depressions 5mm or less can be patched out with Sportcoat Acrylic Filler.

N.B. Deeper depressions must be dealt with as dictated by conditions. Generally, isolated deformation up to 25mm can be economically and efficiently corrected with synthetic products. Widespread and/or more pronounced undulations call for more drastic engineering solutions. Drying depends upon thickness applied and weather conditions. Thin applications by squeegee or trowel will dry in approximately one hour. Thick applications, up to 20mm,will require a minimum of eight hours. All Sportcoat Filler mixes should be allowed to cure 24 hours before continuing with Sportcoat Recreational Coating Systems.

Remove all spilled material immediately. Clean all equipment with water immediately after use. Do not apply when temperature is below 10 deg C or with rain, or high humidity is imminent. Do not apply if surface temperature is above 40 deg C. Keep containers tightly closed when not in use. Keep from freezing. Do not store in direct sunlight. Do not take internally. Keep out of reach of children.

The material is packed in 20L and 200L Drums