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Sportcoat Dry Patching


This document sets out the description of and information regarding pre-mixed patching compound which is a sandy acrylic bound paste designed to be used to fill cracks and other surface imperfections on sporting surfaces.

Material Description
The product is a pigmented acrylic resin, and other mineral ingredients which is designed to have minimum shrinking characteristics on drying and to display a degree of flexibility to withstand some movement in the repair being made. It is rapid drying and can be sanded within a few hours.

The purpose of the material is to fill gouges in surface of tennis courts, repair cracks and generally to make good any minor defects e.g. normal maintenance to repair racquet gouges, or following the installation of lights, new tennis net posts etc. where the court surface may be damaged. The material may be used as a final repaired surface, although it may need periodic replacement until the next re-surfacing of the area.

The surface to which the material is to be applied shall be entirely free from dust, dirt, grease or other deleterious matter. Prior to filling surface cracks any grass, moss or other growth in the cracks must be removed entirely and root system destroyed . The cracks should be either blown out by compressed air or washed out by high pressure means. Gouges on the surface of the courts should be brushed out with either a wire brush or similar to ensure that no lose material remains in the base of the gouges. For surface repairs to newly installed pavement, it is also essential that any loose material is removed prior to the application of the crack filler.

The material should be thoroughly pressed into place using a broad knife, filling blade or similar implement to leave the surface of the filler smooth. flush with the surrounding area. The material may be used to fill deep indentations, but should be installed in layers, to ensure that thorough drying is permitted. The surface of the filled area should be lightly brushed with a dry brush or cloth before the filler has dried, to improve the aesthetics and camouflage the repair, Any areas treated with crack filler should be allowed to through dry up to 24 hours before over coating with Sportcoat surface coats.

Clean all tools immediately after with water. Clean out all residue of mixed materials from mixing containers before the product dries through. The dried material is very difficult to remove later. Keep all containers of material tightly closed and in a cool position when not in use. When in use ensure that the material is kept damp, i.e. rep Do not take internally. Keep out of reach of children.