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Sportcoat Colour Seal


This document sets out the description of and information regarding, Colour Seal which is a liquid material designed to extend the life of existing playing surfaces. For tennis the material is particularly useful for stopping the transfer of surface colour to the tennis balls during play.

Material Description
Sportcoat colour seal is an acrylic resin based material designed to extend the life of existing playing surfaces of asphalt, concrete or synthetic coating, by re-binding worn out and chalky coated surfaces or friable bituminous or concrete surfaces.

Tennis, Basketball, Netball and Volleyball Courts, Playgrounds, Walkways, and any area or surface where the existing top is friable chalky or generally worn down, .Colour seal is designed as a temporary, do it yourself, or professionally applied remedial measure, which can be expected to give around one season of improved performance to the surface, more or less depending on the amount of traffic using the area.

Asphalt, old synthetic or any other surface must be thoroughly clean and free of grease, dirt, oil or other foreign matter. The material is to be thoroughly mixed with five times its own volume of water, by stirring Spread over the entire surface of the court by squeegee, soft broom or mop. Do not leave puddles on the surface. Most important, clean tools after use. The dried acrylic is rubbery, tough and impossible to get off brooms etc. Drying depends upon weather conditions. Generally, drying takes approximately one hour, but in cool conditions, a longer period will elapse before through drying is complete. All Sportcoat Colour Seals should be allowed to cure 12 hours before allowing play to resume on the courts. Under normal circumstances, a tennis court, including surrounds can be coated with approx. 40 Liters of Colourseal.

Clean Up
Remove all spilled material immediately. Clean all equipment with water immediately after use.

Do not apply when temperature is below 10 deg C or with rain, or high humidity imminent. Do not apply if surface temperature is above 40 deg C. Keep containers tightly closed when not in use.

The product is a clear finish, so there is no need for re-linemarking the playing courts, the lines show through the finished coat. Similarly any stains, skid marks or other blemishes on the surface are “locked in”. Take especial care to clean down the surface prior to sealing.

Keep from freezing. Do not store in direct sunlight. Do not take internally. Keep out of reach of children.

Colour seal is available in bulk, packed in 20L. pails and 200 Liter drums.