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Sportcoat Caulking Compound



This document sets out the description of and information regarding Sportcoat caulking compound which is a flexible caulking paste designed to be used in structural and distress cracking on pavements for sporting surfaces.

Material Description
Sportcoat caulking compound is an acrylic bound mineral filled and lightly pigmented material which dries, with minimal shrinkage to an elastic consistency forming an extremely good bond with the substrata to which it is applied.

The material is used for filling minor structural and other cracks on tennis courts and other playing surfaces, where thermal and other movement of the structure is suspected. It can either be applied by caulking tube and gun or by knifing to surface cracks.

Any cracks to be filled with the caulking compound must be cleared of weeds and moss etc. All detritus should be removed prior to the installation of the material by either high pressure washing or compressed air. The material should be either squeezed through into the crack through a caulking tube or knifed into by a broad knife or similar. Immediately following the application the joint should be wiped over with a damp cloth blending the compound to the surrounds and removing any surplus material from the surrounding surface.

Remove any spilt material immediately and wash off residue with clean water. Clean all equipment with water immediately after use. Do not apply when the temperature is below 10 deg C or when rain is imminent. Do not apply if the surface temperature is above 40 deg C. Ensure that no surplus material is left on the surface of the courts, because the material is a non-sandable product similar to chewing gum in consistency when dry. Keep all containers tightly closed when not in use. Keep from freezing, do not store in direct sun light, do not take internally, keep out of reach of children.

The material is packed in 375cc caulking tubes, suitable for use with standard caulking guns and in 1L, 2L and 4L plastic containers.