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Golf Tee

This document sets out the general description of and information regarding construction of golf tees, using granular structural base materials, and urethane bound rubber and Wimbledon Grass Synthetic.

The tee. is designed to be simple to construct and to be easy to maintain. Construction can generally utilize locally available granular base materials, which are retained by sleeper or similar timber kerb surrounds. Over the compacted base, a permeable self-draining urethane bound rubber mat is placed, either pre-formed, or cast in situ. The Wimbledon Grass Synthetic Golf tee turf is loose laid on the mat to fit snugly inside the kerb, and sand filled with especially selected single size sand.

Prepare subgrade pad of 4 metre x 2.5 metre by boxing out any grass and roots, down to organic free soil. Level, and compact at optimum moisture content. Cut and install timber kerb box, using sleepers or similar, suitably treated against termite attack. Inside dimensions of kerb surround to be 3.6 metre x 2 metre. Secure kerb surround by pegging and battering outside kerb and compacting. Spread and carefully level, waterbind, and compact suitable granular base inside kerb box to a minimum thickness of 100mm., finishing 50mm below top level of the kerb. Install 15mm porous urethane bound rubber mat on compacted base. Install synthetic turf over rubber base and sand fill in layers.

NB: For detail on sand characteristics, refer to company. Cast-in-situ mats should be installed by the company.