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Concrete Construction

This document sets out the general description of and information regarding construction of tennis courts, using PCC (Portland Cement Concrete) slab construction

Material Description

Subgrade: Clean granular material, free from organic and vegetable matter.
PCC: Generally, central plant portioned, ready mixed concrete, designed to a strength of < 25Mpa
Kerbing: Kerbing is not normally needed with concrete slab construction, except where control of storm water drainage is an issue. In this case, kerbing it may be cast in with the slab or other types of concrete or non-flexible kerb may be designed into the project.
Fencing: Fencing may be plastic coated chain link mesh supported on galvanized steel, or powder coated steel fence posts, with or without rails, and with suitable braces, gates and other openings. If installed in the slab, suitable openings should be left in the slab to accommodate the posts and when installed the support posts should be grouted in such a way as to avoid stressing the slab.
Court Furniture: Suitable circular or square section steel tubular posts grouted into openings left in the slab, or flange mounted on the surface, bolted on securely with concrete anchor bolts. (other detail of posts see Outline Multilayer Construction


Level requirements All excavating, filling, compacting, grading and levelling work shall be carried out to produce finished court surfaces with a slope of 1.0% on a flat plane from side to side, end to end, or diagonally from corner to corner, as indicated on drawings.
3m. Straightedge Level
Subgrade N/A +0-25
Subgrade: The site shall be cleared, prepared and trimmed to design levels. The surface shall be compacted using suitable compaction equipment to achieve a density of no less than 95% MDD.

Concrete Slab construction

Subgrade: The subgrade shall be checked and trimmed by hand to accurate tolerances to ensure the slab thickness does not vary by more than +/- 7% from design requirements.
Waterproof Membrane: A membrane of virgin 100mu polyethylene shall be carefully placed on the subgrade, over the entire area of the slab, and any joints overlapped by a minimum 150mm.
Reinforcing: Reinforcing mesh, as specified shall be laid over the membrane supported uniformly on chairs to ensure that in the finished slab the mesh is embedded at a level no less than 1/3 from the bottom nor no more than 1/3 from the top of the slab. Joints in the mesh shall be lapped by at least 1 mesh size.
Concrete: The concrete shall be delivered to the site, ADDITIVE FREE (where acrylic surfacing is the final surface), and be discharged or pumped to the job, having a slump of <10cm. The material shall be spread level promptly vibrated in place and levelled by screed to finish levels, the required finish being applied to the concrete at the appropriate time.
Joints: The slab shall be constructed properly with construction and control joints as directed by the engineer. Where possible, joints shall be placed only under the net line of the courts.
Synthetic Surface: The installation of synthetic surfacing shall not commence until after the elapse of 28 days curing period for the concrete sub surface.
NB: This outline specification is merely a guide for Engineers, Architects builders etc. There are many more facets to be considered, and prior to commencement of any construction the advice of professional designers/court builders should be sought.