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Court Accessories

To complete your installation, there are many auxiliary items needed, and this page lists and links you to a range of products that will enhance your court.

Court dryers: (Urethane roller) and squeegee type dryers that are suitable for hard courts, are both effective types of court drier, to allow play to resume shortly after rain, by mopping water off the surface.
Umpire stands: Various types for simple to elaborate are available, it is important to consider weight and the ease of handling, also the ground contact with the playing surface. Significant damage can be done to surfaces with poorly designed equipment in this regard
Nets: A wide range of quality and price is available, and generally price is the main determinant of quality. Netting is generally exposed to the weather for prolonged periods, and the higher the specification of the product, the better exposure characteristics it has. Email Allman Sports or contact us for any detailed information.
Net posts: Proprietary net posts, and furniture for other sports is available off the shelf, and furniture is also manufactured in steel fabrication shops. The three most important:* that is conforms to specification dimensions for the sport.
* Its’ ability to withstand weather (galvanized or coated if of ferrous construction).
* that it is well constructed on stock material strong enough to withstand the stresses placed on it in normal use.
Failure in any of these areas can result in early and costly failure of the equipment to perform.
Lighting: For nighttime, and poor light playing conditions artificial lighting is needed. Briefly, this modern lighting is normally provided by metal halide lamps, which deliver the cleanest, most economical lighting for sporting play. The most important considerations for sports lighting are:
* Sufficient light to easily see the sports ball, other players, court furniture and court lines.
* Adequate uniformity of light so that no dim areas are present which cause players to have to adjust their vision to accommodate for lighter and darker areas.
* Glare. The lights should be positioned to minimize the need for players, or spectators following the course of play to look directly at the luminaries.
* Modeling. Enough lighting points should be used to ensure players balls and other equipment involved in the sport are visible from all sides, as uniformly as possible. In the case of tennis courts, the preferred lighting is at least four luminaries, each on its own pole, placed two on each side of the court.
Drainage: A most important consideration that must be recognized for any court or other paved area construction is the control of both subterranean and surface water movement. It is frequently the case that subgrade (i.e. natural ground underneath pavement construction) contains an element of clay, or other expansive material. Swelling and shrinkage with fluctuating moisture content generally demonstrate the expansive nature. On the other hand Pavement construction for sporting use is generally to a comparatively light standard – load carrying capacity is not a major issue where the design load is merely pedestrian traffic, and any benefits of in service compacting by heavy traffic are not likely. Thus the pavement is at a disadvantage when the potential for surface cracking is considered. It is therefore imperative that sub surface movement content is maintained as nearly as possible constant. This can be achieved by judicious use of sub-soil drainage, either on the perimeter, or in some cases underneath the court. Each case has to be considered on its’ merits. Disposal of surface water (stormwater) has also to be considered, most often this can be tackled by allowing it to drain and soak into surrounding landscaping, but where this is not possible, the water may be collected and directed to soakwells or other existing drainage systems. In all cases care must be taken to conform to local statuary drainage regulations.         Order The Inner Game of Tennis Today!

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